Refund Policy

Disclaimer: Rapidbump reserved the right to change this policy anytime without prior notice.

Rapidbump Buyer Protection

Most purchases in Rapidbump goes smoothly but in the case when problem occurs, Rapidbump Buyer Protection will ensure that Buyer will receive their item or get their money back.

What is covered?

  • Purchases made directly through Rapidbump via :-
    1. Online payment with Debit / Credit Card
    2. Online Banking directly to Rapidbump
    3. Rapid Wallet – refunded with Rapid Wallet.
  • Out of stock for Digital Code / Gift Card.

What is not covered?

  • Digital Code / Gift Card
    • Any form of CD Key, Gift Card, Virtual Wallet is neither refundable nor exchangeable. Please be sure to check if they are regionalised and that you are purchasing the correct one according to your account region. Unless the code has issue  and have been provided to us with proof.

Item was not received

  1. If buyer did not received the item within 3-5 days of shipping, buyer need to report  immediately to with the order id and item purchased.
  2. Our Customer Support will then initiate a private message on your Rapidbump account with our customer service.
  3. If agreement is not reached within 7 days of the dispute claimed, we will step in to help solve the issue.

Item does not match listing description

  1. If item received did not match as described, buyer need to report  immediately to or contact us through quick support button in your order page with the order id and item purchased.

How we refund

Rapidbump refund to buyer based on how item was purchased.

  • Debit / Credit Card
    • If purchases are made through Debit / Credit card, processing will take somewhere around 1 – 2 weeks for it to reflect on your bank.
  • Internet banking
    • Usually within the 1 – 3 days
  • Rapid Wallet funds

How to return the item

Please refer to our Return Policy for more info