In order to make purchases, this will depend greatly on the Payment method available for the seller.

Payment we accept

  • Debit / Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) [requires processing fee¬†which will be stated in your order review for security check]
  • Online Bank Transfer (BIBD, Baiduri) – For Brunei Only [no processing fee]
  • Rapid Wallet Credit


How Do I Make Online Purchases?

To purchase the items online, make sure that the Seller wants to accept online payment. We made this optional for them so its easier for them to accomodate to their sells strategy.

  1. Once you have found the items and satisfied with their offer, Click Checkout.
  2. At the checkout page, as per requirement of any online purchases, you will be required to add your Billing Address. If you wish to send the item on a different address, Click on Send to different Address
  3. Make sure your Billing Address matches your Debit / Credit Card statement. We will store your Billing Address for your future purchases.
  4. Review your orders, and make sure that the item are correct.
  5. Fill in the credit / debit card form
  6. Place Order

You will be redirected to confirm that your payment is successful.

If you have trouble with Declined Cards, find out more on how to Resolved Declined Payment

To view your order, see How to Manage Your Orders