RapidWallet is an alternative payment method accepted in RapidBump. It is also a mean to solve the problem when Buyers do not have a Credit or Debit card to purchase with.

How do I get money to RapidWallet?

RapidWallet can be earned from:-

  • Top-up, through our store
    • by purchasing it with Credit/Debit Card
    • by Cash Deposit through local banks CDM
    • To top up your RapidWallet, go to top-up store
    • You can also purchase RapidWallet Gift Key from our authorized distributor payable with cash
  • ¬†Sales

As a seller, how do I allow customer to pay with RapidWallet?

RapidWallet is automatically enabled when you allow Online payment in your Seller Dashboard.

For more info, see how to enable online payment