Cash deposit is a great way to purchase at Rapidbump without needing a bank account in Brune. Currently we accept Brunei Cash Deposit exclusively for Baiduri and BIBD Banks. Not all branches have Cash Deposit Machine. The machine should be labelled “Cash Deposit” or “Simpanan Tunai”

Upon Checkout of your orders and select “Bank Transfer”(Website) or “Cash Deposit”(for iOS/Android app) as a payment method:-

  • You will be redirected to your order details where you can check order status. Order is automatically set to “on-hold“(Website) or Awaiting Payment(Mobile App) status until payment has been received for which our team would begin processing your orders
  • Instruction will be sent as below
    • For Website:
      • You will receive an email for instruction with our Bank details and your Order ID on the same order detail page and also in the email you are registered with.
    • For Mobile App
      • Our bank details will be available on your Order details once Order has been placed



Follow the step by step as below

  1. Go to your nearest Cash Deposit Machine.
    • Please see above for either BIBD or Baiduri Branch within 48 hours of the purchase.
  2. Press Enter
  3. Select Cash Deposit to A/C
  4. Choose Saving Account, if prompted.
  5. Enter our account number as stated in the instruction
  6. Confirm account number
  7. Insert notes when shutter is open
  8. Please wait while cash is counted
  9. Verify amount before confirming transaction
  10. Select CONFIRM to proceed
  11. Take your receipt and take photo of this receipt showing the dates, amount and account send to.
  12. Attach it to your order details (Mobile App)
  13. We will process your order once the payment has been verified.

Tips to ensure instant verification (See image below for reference):

  • Make sure its upright.
  • Make sure the image is not blurry
Baiduri Cash Deposit Receipt
BIBD Cash Deposit Receipt