In this page, we’ll cover a few topics related to RapidBump User Profiles. If you have more questions, contact us at

Your Profile

This is your dashboard where you can manage and access the following:-

  • Customise your profile: banners, profile photos.
  • Showcase your games:
    • add current games and hardware, add games and hardware to trade/swap.
    • Connect with game profiles: PSN, Xbox, Steam games and achievements.
  • Manage details for buying: your billing address, order status, bidding status, pre-orders, RB Wallet.
  • Manage other features: Tell-a-friend rewards and your In Demand list.
  • Forums, Messages, Notifications.

User Basics

Your profile is visible to public. This includes your banner, profile photo and username. We don’t disclose your personal details as per our Privacy Policy. Only logged-in users will be able to send you messages. Likewise, you’ll need to login to contact other users and use the site features like adding products, buying, making pre-orders, manage in demand list etc.

Games and Hardware

Games and hardware you’ve added will be visible in your profile. You can choose which ones are not for sale, and which ones will be visible on the RapidBump Store for sale. Sales can either be managed by you or RapidBump.

Manage Profile

Adding games and hardware

Adding games to your profile and RapidBump Store is quite simple. To add games that you’re currently playing, sync them with your existing PSN, Xbox or Steam accounts at the Connect tab.

If you want to add games or hardware to RapidBump Store, follow the 10 steps below. We have a massive library of game data, so majority of the task will be done automatically by RapidBump algorithm. Our algorithm is optimised for games, but we also allow anything outside our database. You can also add hardware products like consoles, controllers, PC, PC hardware, Gaming Mouse etc.

  1. Go to the Games & Hardware tab or click the “+” sign at the top-right Navigation bar. Then click the “Add Item” button.
  2. In the Product Name section,
    • For games: Type in the game title. Our algorithm will look for the best match in the database. Refine the search further by adding the console platform e.g. ps3, ps4, xbox, xbox 360, nintendo, 3ds, nds etc. Searching will only take a few seconds.
    • For hardware: Type in any name related to the hardware.
  3. In the Categories section, if the item is new or not used, please add “New”.
    • For games: The category will be automatically set.
    • For hardware: Set the category as “Hardware”.
  4. In the Featured Image section,
    • For games: The featured image will be automatically set.
    • For hardware: Click on “Set featured image” and upload relevant photos of the hardware.
  5. Set your Price.
  6. Add descriptions, like region, condition etc.
  7. Add tags, so that other gamers can easily search your product. Think of what they might search for e.g. mgsv, ffxv, ps4, console etc.
  8. [Choose whether to enable selling by RapidBump. We’ll cover all payment and delivery services. For more information, click here.]*coming soon
  9. You can skip the advanced Settings but they can be useful:-
    • Stash: so that the item is not searchable and not shown in the store.
    • Virtual: for digital items such as PSN Card, League of Legends RP, Steam Key etc
    • Downloadable: if for e.g. it’s a game you developed. (Any Indie Developer here?)
    • Inventory: allows you to manage your stock. If you have unlimited stock, you can uncheck “Manage stock” to allow them to run infinitely after every purchase.
  10. Once you are happy with it, click “Add Item”.
    • “Save Draft” allows you to save your entire setting without publishing the item. This is useful when you want to view your item first. You can of course edit and publish them later.
    • Your item is not published/visible until you see it’s “Online” in your Games & Hardware list.

Do note that once an item is sold and out of stock, it will no longer be shown at the store. It will be moved to the Stash tab and is visible on your profile. You can change the visibility on the Stash settings.

Adding games:

Adding hardware: