At Rapidbump, we believe gamer can build and change the future for the better. Living in the Sultanate, we grew up with gaming as a form of entertainment. Even though gaming has a bad connotations, we believed it can inspire creativity and aspiration to build things.

The journey

Founded in February 2017 by a group of gamer coming from multiple backgrounds, we wanted to bring games access and game shopping experience to Brunei through the internet for ease and conveniences.

Launched in June 2017 as a game marketplace. The name Rapidbump originated from “B.U.M.P” – Bring Up My Post. After operating for six months and listening to the market, we decided to take different turn and later reform as digital shop. It was the beginning of Rapidbump true identity. As we enter the age of digital distruption, it is no longer just and interactive medium for gaming.  It has encompassed more of our daily life. More began to adopt it in their life whether for entertainment or work. It became our mission to ensure accessing them is easy.

March 2018, the team released their first mobile app on iOS Appstore and Google Playstore. We wanted to prove that it can be done without compromising the customer experience, speed and quality. The app unveiled Rapidbump’s cutting-edge verification technology by harnessing the power of machine learning to best serve Bruneian and made bank transfer as the main form of payments and fit with the local market.

Where are we heading?

To us this is just the beginning. With the adoption of mobility in distribution,  Rapidbump will continues to make digital entertainment to be more and more accessible and more convenient. The future is to be truly digital, whether it is gaming, listening to musics, reading e-books, movies, and Rapidbump is ready to be at the forefront of the digital disruption.

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